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Development of the English Novel Essay

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  • on September 5, 2012
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Present the development of the English novel

            As everything that develops, changes in the English literature were not rapid. That condition also applied to alternations that occurred between two of the most popular, in my opinion, genres – Elizabethan drama and the novel.
    According to Walter Allen Elizabethan drama is rather closer to opera than to the novel, though it does not mean that poets were incapable of creating background and characters similar to those form novels. Some resemblance of early prose works to drama can be found in typographical layout of Bunyan’s Life and Death of Mr Badman and Richardson’s Pamela. The first author sets out his dialogue as though it were the text of printed play, whereas the other one precedes his novel with a dramatis personae. However, it is worth mentioning that probably the earliest example of pervading these two styles in writing is Geoffrey Chaucer’s prologue to The Canterbury Tales. Nevertheless, it is Bunyan himself who determined some features which characterize novel such as vivid characterization, and natural dialogue so brilliantly presented in The Pilgrim’s Progress.
        In spite of Bunyan’s ingenious works, somebody else turned the writers’ world upside – down. A manufacturer from lower class caused an uproar among English men of letters publishing his the most recognizable – to – be piece of writing by the title of Robinson Crusoe. Top English writers, at that time, could not have reconciled to the fact that Daniel Dafoe became “the universal representative, the person to whom every reader could substitute himself”. His novel was believed to be written on the basis of Dafoe’s real adventures, however what he “merely” wrote was a spoof – autobiographical book. Just after a year since the publication of Crusoe a parody of it appeared, ending with the point – blank assertion that Dafoe was a liar. The contention came to nothing because the novel was incredibly popular amid mere mortals...

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