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DEVELOPMENT OF A PSYCHOLOGICAL MEASURE INTRODUCTION Actually, the process of designing and developing a reliable and valid psychological test measure is a complex and difficult exercise. Measuring individual differences, such as personality traits or intelligence, is filled with potential pitfalls. Typically, a test plan consists of the following aspects: (a) specifying the purpose and rationale for the test as well as the intended target population, (b) defining the construct (content domain) and creating a set of test specifications to guide item writing, (c) choosing the test format, (d) choosing the item format, and (e) specifying the administration and scoring methods (McIntire & Miller, 2000, Roberston, 1990). Individual differences are most commonly measured by tests of one kind or another and these tests all need to be reliable, valid, and unbiased. However, before this, it is vital that any test is administered in a standardized testing situation and is scored using the same scoring and interpretation procedure each time. If these things were not held invariant, then test results would be problematic even if it was reliable, valid, and free from bias. In this paper, steps in how to develop and construct a psychological assessment measure test which can be considered reliable and valid are explained. Steps on how to develop a psychological assessment measure are discussed as follows: 1. THE PLANNING PHASE This is the initial step which entails the aim of the measure to be tested, the attribute or trait to be measured, what the measure will be used for, and the target group (population) for the measure will also need to be defined. It is during this phase where a researcher/administer plans what to measure e.g. language proficiency (trait) among children first entering school (target/population). Purpose of the test McIntire and Miller (2000)

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