Development of Massachusetts Bay Colony vs. Virginia Colony

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A.P.U.S.H History FRQ 1 The Massachusetts Bay colony and the Virginia colony developed into drastically different colonies. Although one may observe similarities into the two colonies progression, ideals, or trends, such as hope and opportunity for success in the new world, in many ways the advancement differed. Economically, the two colonies differed greatly on the types of reliable and profitable income sources. As a result, the two different colonies attracted different types of people with contrasting values and skill-sets. Socially, the two colonies were molded by different religions and beliefs. Religious values and beliefs fortified the Massachusetts Bay, while on the other hand, personal gain and wealth was the driving force for the people flocking to Virginia. And politically, the types of government figures and leaders differed, along with the different axioms toward the native population. Therefore, the Massachusetts Bay colony and the Virginia colony developed differently. The Massachusetts Bay colony and Virginia colony had an economic structure that differed in several ways. First, how the slaves were used in contrasting ways in the Massachusetts Bay and Virginia to benefit the revenue of recourses, and the differences in time of abolishment of slavery over the proceeding centuries. With the use of indentured servants in Virginia dwindling, slaves became the priority choice for labor work on plantations, toiling in fields with exhausting work and extremely high mortality rates; while on the other hand, slaves in the North and Massachusetts Bay had a much easier lifestyle consisting of house work and light farming. Secondly, because of the rocky and more or less inhospitable landscape for large scale farming in the Massachusetts Bay area, the main sources of income revolved around fishing, furs, and shipbuilding, small crop farming was viable as
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