Development Of Korean Advertising Industry Essay

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PRA 4020 Advertising and Society Social Essay Advertising development in Republic of Korea (1980s-now) Tina Date: Dec, 22, 2010 Social Essay-Advertising in Republic of Korea (1980s-now) Introduction In this course paper, I am going to talk about the history of the Korean advertising from the early 1980s to now. The overall aims for this paper are to analyze the development of Korean advertising industry and the factors contributing to the success of them, so as to make recommendation to the Advertising industry in mainland China. The following reasons can account for my interests on this topic. Above all, since I have been learning Korean language for one and a half years in the College, therefore, I have a lot of intercultural Communication with the Korean people, such as the exchange students in Korean cultural club and the teachers in the language class. During the period of study, I have learned a lot of things beside Korean language, such as Korean cultural, food and music. Beside, since I have seen a lot of interesting variety shows, movies, and advertising. Some of them impressed me a lot in the way they advertise product or service. Meanwhile, both Korean male and female celebrities in the advertisement are always in good looking. For me, I can easily remember the products as the celebrities in the advertisement are very eyes catching. Therefore, my interests in Korea are the main reason that leads me to choose history of Korean advertising. Besides, the Korean advertisement industries are developing rapidly in recent years, Even though Korean government open the advertising market to the foreign market since early 1980s, they keep on maintaining its demonstrate position in the advertising market in the fierce competition. It makes me curious about the Korean advertising industry. I am eager to know the factors which

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