Development Of Electronic Money In e-Commerce Appl Essay

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Development of electronic money in e-commerce applications Introduction With the development of network technology, network-based electronic money such as payment and settlement tool at an unprecedented pace. E-commerce related to electronic payment instruments become more and more common. The payment can be divided into three categories. The first one category is electronic money, such as electronic cash, electronic wallets, etc. The second one is the electronic credit card categories, including smart cards, debit cards, SIM cards (in mobile phone), etc. The third one is the electronic checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic transfer money and so on. This will be one of the tools for electronic payments - the applicability of electronic money in e-commerce for analysis and research. The basic concept of electronic money a. The major formal and basic concept of electronic money. Electronic money as a contemporary form of new currency has been generated from the 1970s, the application form of them become more widely. E-money is developed by the online electronic credit. It uses the commercial electronic machines and all kinds of trading cards as a media. It also perceives the computer technology and modern communications technology as a means of electronic funds transfer and stores the pulse for the credit money. b. Major formal of electronic money. Electronic money, there are two major formals - the type of smart card payment cards and currency documents are digitally. The former is mainly used for the payment through the internet. Electronic cash, its main purpose is to replace the daily consumption of small notes and coins. (David, 1983) E - Cash is the development of online trading Dig cash with digital currency. It is a method of currency in circulation data. Converted into a cash value of the encrypted sequence number, these serial numbers

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