Development of China Essay

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Running head: DEVELOPMENT OF CHINA 1 DEVELOPMENT OF CHINA 2 I believe that all Chinese people in the USA face the same situation. That is, they can barely find an appropriate present for their friends because most of groceries in the USA are made in China. Of course we cannot buy a present which is imported from China for friends in China! That may sound crazy. However, it is true. As we know, China had a miserable history in the last century. It was invaded and suffered from wars. In that case, people did not have enough food. The industry and economy were far behind. However, China has been developing recently. With regards to this topic, I want to persuade you that China is absolutely improving in three aspects: It is now one of the top economies in the world. Also it is more active and significant on the international stage. Plus, a growing number of people around the world are willing to know and learn about Chinese culture. Above all, China has been the fastest developing economy worldwide in the last 20 years, especially exceeding Japan in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in 2010 (China Statistical Yearbook, 2010). Since then, China has the second biggest economy in the world. In particular, its GDP grew from 381 billion USD in 1990 to 4.98 trillion USD in 2010. (China Statistical Yearbook, 2010) That means the growth rate is nearly 120%. Meanwhile, the growth rate of the population is 17%, from 1.14 billion to 1.33 billion people. (Lou & Ulgiati, 2013) Some people skeptic that the incredible growth rate of GDP is due to the large amount of population and the huge domestic market. It is true that China has the largest group of people and most of Chinese choose to purchase in their own country. However, China sells products not only to the Chinese themselves, DEVELOPMENT OF CHINA
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