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Development Of Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian And Essay

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  • on October 11, 2011
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Mesopotamians, ancient Egyptians, and early Maya developed similar methods of understanding their world and shaped them to enhance their lives by worshipping gods and solving problems that increased agriculture production that made their lives better.   Just like Mesopotamia, the ancient Egyptians solved the threat of drought with irrigation that produce reliable agriculture.   The Mayans didn't suffer from drought but, instead, they were faced with the challenges of poor draining soil that stifled agriculture.   Each worshipped gods that would improve agriculture and possibly save the world.

Before the Mesopotamian civilization, there was little guidance or know-how on how to bring order to a large populations of people.   As the population grew larger, the necessity of order developed into a systematic approach by instituting a government that could lead people and projects to a new high.   This idea of government led a civilization into efficiency the world had never seen.   With the authority and guidance of government, they not only produced agriculture for countless people but, built amazing temples, cities with waterways, protective walls, streets and buildings.   They used the advantages of the rivers and the fertile land to shape their world through trade and agriculture.

“Land between rivers” refers to the fertile valley between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers [1].   Because of the arid environment, these early Mesopotamians resorted to using small scale irrigation techniques for agriculture.   As agriculture developed and the population increased, they devised new ways to capture their most valuable resource in more elaborate ways.   They understood that in order to sustain a large population and develop an ever expanding civilization, they wold need to channel the water, from long distances, into the desert.   They did so by building massive reservoirs and an advanced canal system that directed the water to the nutrient soil for agriculture,...

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