Development of a Child Essay

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Development of a Child. Birth To one. Physical Development: - The physical development of a child is like a new toy it takes time to get used to it before you are fully aware of how everything operates. The parts of the body are still immature and not fully functioning this is why the baby is constantly moving and busy in the first few months of its life. Inside the body of the baby it takes up to 3 months for the digestive system to develop fully, this is why we feed the baby with milk for the first few months. As a baby does not know what goes on around them they are forced to watch and listen to people making noise and colours of toys and so on, this causes distress on the baby forcing it to cry as long as loud noises are kept to a minimum at the first few months and soothing noise that would let the baby feel like its back in the mother’s womb. In the first few months a baby regularly cries one of the reasons this may be is because of the overwhelming changes that is occurring in the body and also outside the body like the environment that the baby is in. As the baby develops more it distinguishes the difference between hearing, smelling, tasting, touch, temperature and perception of pain. These senses are developed even more going into the 2 -3 month period, the baby can now make noises and sounds it can also follow colour. The baby gains control over specific movements of its body it can control the muscles in its eye’s; it can also make small movements with its head while on its stomach. When the baby reaches 4-6 months the feeding pattern changes

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