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Development in Adolescence and Late Adulthood Worksheet Essay

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  • on January 12, 2014
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University of Phoenix Material

Development in Adolescence and Late Adulthood Worksheet

Use the Learn Psychology text, the University Library, and/or other resources to answer the following questions. Your response to each question should contain at least 150 words.

1. Puberty can be a difficult time for adolescents. What are some of the challenges they face?
        Puberity can be a very difficult time for adolescents. There are many challenges an adolescent with face when entering puberty and going though puberty, The complete puberty stage can take 1 to 3 years to complete. It changes ones boy phsically, hormonally and mentally. Puberty is different for boys and girls. Females reach puberty sooner then males. Some challenges a female would face are; hips getting wider, menstration, produce eggs, acne, boobs growing, pubic hair, body odor, For the males some challenges are; voice change, produce sperm,   muscles start to grow, pubic hair, body odor and acne. For both males and females they will start to devolp attitude becuase of wanting to be independent (an adult). They will also have to adjust to thier bodies which may cause them to be unfomfortable with themselves. This is also the time when adolescences are entering the middle school years of thier lives, when other kids can be mean and judgemental. So they are having to deal with that as well.

2. How and when is peer pressure harmful? Can it ever be helpful? Why?
      There are two types of peer pressure. You have negative peer pressure and positive peer pressure. Peer pressure is harmful when your peers are trying to get you to do something that could harm yourself, others or your environment. For example; if you are at a party or gathering and a friend is trying to get you to do drugs or drink alcohol, or if you are at a park and they are trying to get you to wirte on the picnic tables or flip over the garbage cans. All of these can and will effect you or someone else.
  Peer pressure...

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