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Physical Development Child development from birth to 19 years Birth to 3 month * Babies develop basic reflexes that they need to survive e.g. sucking, swallowing, coughing, gagging, elimination, grasping, blinking and startling * Babies keep their hands clenched in fist most of the time * Babies can turn from side to back * Arm and leg movements are jerky and uncontrolled * Babies turn their head towards the light an stare at bright and shiny objects * Babies use their fingers to grasp the carers fingers * Can lift head and chest off the bed in prone position, supported on forearms * Can kick vigorously, both separately and together * Babies can hold a rattle for a brief time before dropping it 4 months to 6 months * Will begin to use a palmer grasp and can transfer objects from one hand to the other * Can move his or her head around to follow people and objects * has good head control and can sit with support * when supine the baby plays with his or her own feet * Explores objects by shaking, hitting, turning, dropping, and throwing. * Might be able to hold his or her own bottle 6 months to 9 months * Can roll from front to back * May grasp his or her feet and place them in his or her mouth * Can sit without support for long periods of time * Begins to use the pincer grip with thumb and index finger * Explores everything by putting it into his or her mouth 9 months to 12 months * Can sit up on his or her own and can lean forward to pick up things * May be able to crawl upstairs and onto low items of furniture * Pincer grip is now well developed * Can clasp hands and imitate adults actions * Can throw toys deliberately 1 to 2 years * Can probably walk alone, with feet wide apart and arms raised to maintain balance * Can

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