Developing Yourself as a Team Leader

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We can identify three main roles: - COACH: a person who instructs, demonstrates, directs and prompts learners. In my business I can identify this position in myself (responsible of human resource and senior floor manager) because is my responsibility to decide the trainings for each staff member and follow the team in his progress. - CO-ORDINATOR: someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously. Again I can identify this position in myself because as a senior floor manager one of my priority is make sure that all the departments of the restaurant (floor, bar and kitchen) are working together to achieve the goals. Is really important that all the departments have a high standards of communication between each other to make easy our job end to minimise or resolve eventually mistakes. - FACILITATOR: a person who assist a group or team to reach a decision or achieve an outcome. In my business I identify this position in my General Manager and in myself. In the General Manager because is the person who has the last word for the main decisions and in myself because I am the person who connects the team with highest managerial role. Together we analyse the proposals of the team and we decide which are useful to facilitate the achievement of goals. A team leader guides a group of employees as they complete a project. This includes developing a timeline for the project and delegating the individual components to members of the team, including himself. He often provides information to a supervisor or updates the company on the team’s progress in meetings or through regular email contact or reports. Should a conflict arise, the team leader must work with team members to solve the conflict quickly and effectively. If a project falls off track or fails, the team leader often takes the blame for the failure because he is responsible for seeing that it succeeds.

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