Developing Yourself as a Team Leader Essay

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Developing yourself as a team leader 1.1 Outline the role of the team leader The purpose of my role as Infrastructure Engineering Supervisor is to ultimately keep the estate running open and free from any obstructions for all clients/Visitors to get to and from their chosen places, such as places of work, shopping and tourism. The above is achieved by having a well formed group of experienced engineer’s working together with multiple disciplines i.e. electricians, Mechanics, plumbers and painters. My part in the group is to give them direction and someone they can turn to for technical advice and support or to know where to get the information they are looking for if unknown. In my role I take responsibility for the actions of my engineers and their wellbeing, the engineer’s will report to me any problems they encounter and I will try to offer a resolution, on a daily basis I will report back to my line management that day’s events or any anomalies/problems that would require further assistance/guidance. The role requires me to keep track of certain things like, time keeping, attitudes, and work performance. If I start to see problems appearing or a deficiency in completed work or quality, I would speak with the person’s and try to identify the reasons and take necessary actions, these actions could result in further training, guidance, shadowing other engineers or worst case disciplinary proceedings, the majority of the time listening to what they say and showing signs of interest and acting upon the problem to get some form of resolution, this normally works well. Most of all in my role I try to find the time to get fully involved with the day to day hands on work and lead by good example, I find that this gives the engineers a morale boost and you also gain much more respect. I also try to encourage the engineer’s to take on more technical

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