Developing the Transition Plan

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Bowens organized a workshop by bringing senior team from the old Aviation Division, to discuss the creation and management of an effective transition process. The senior team understood the importance of SDCRAA and recommended to revise the existing strategic plan, to hire staff to research, discuss, and to create transition plan. After a month they picked seven employees from the aviation division for the aviation transition team. They employees which are selected for the transition team where selected based on their ability to work within the process yet think outside the box, to communicate well with others in team, and to influence the directors and managers without having formal authority. To know the responsibility, communicate, and to initiate the team meeting was held for one and a half day. To establish for the team to keep record, hold meeting, and serve as a communication hub they created a “war room”. After that then team was named as Metamorphs. Since the Metamorphs group member had to work together and depend on each other but most of the group member where from different organization, so two senior official lead the team through official team building activities throughout the year. After working together the Metamorphs found discovered how daunting the organizational change was and yet appreciated the unique. In order to meet their charter, any transition plan had to be designed to minimized the disruption to customer and service, minimize the airport and non-airport financial impact, and properly address and resolve all the legal and regulatory matters. This criteria lead to creation of twelve functional team. the main mission of the team was to collect data, establish new or parallel functions for SDCRAA, and highlight any issues related to the startup of particular function. After that the human resources team focused on actual transition

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