Developing My Coaching Philosophy

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Tracy D. Rivers July 15, 2013 Developing Your Coaching Philosophy PGM 101 Exercise One: 1. Why do you want to coach/teach? The reason I want to coach, haven’t thought much about the reason before this question. I want to coach because I want to help younger people develop. I feel I can make a difference in someone’s life with my experience and drive. 2. At what level(s) do you want to coach/teach and why? I would like to coach at the junior high school level because this is the time when most children develop their brains and motor skills. At this point in their lives I believe the players would be more receptive of the training and understand why you work so hard in practice. 3. How do you define success? I don’t define success with wins or losses. I define success by how many players learn something not just about the sport but about life lessons. Success to me is seeing a player years after our coach player relationship has ended and they say coach if it wasn’t for you I may not have attended college.…show more content…
What is your current, personal philosophy of coaching/teaching? My personal philosophy about coaching is if I have knowledge about anything I will pass it on to my players. I personally believe playing sports as a child builds confidence and gives the children a sense of
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