Developing Good Business Sense Essay

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Developing Good Business Sense BUS/210 August 11, 2013 Dr. Doerflein Developing Good Business Sense There are many different ways in which business are run today. An individual is able to see the differences in how businesses operate just by observing them for a short time. A long-term nursing facility, the emergency room of a local hospital, and the OB wing of a local hospital all provide care to the patient, but in very different ways. All three departments of health care have the same types of operations and materials management. The long-term nursing facility is a slow-paced facility, with different areas which are all focused on the patient and what is best for them. The long-term nursing facility is funded by government grants and money, insurances, and private pay. Each area of the long-term nursing facility has different jobs, but the same goal. Each area works closely together through communication and hands-on, from the doctors all the way down to the kitchen and housekeeping services. A long-term nursing facility can provide skilled health care services for patients new-born all the way up to geriatrics. The cost of living in a long-term facility depends on how critical the patient is and their needs of care. The operations stage combines the knowledge of the doctors, therapists, nurses, and dieticians, which consist of a flexible work team. There is usually no equipment available in a long-term facility, except that which is assists the caregivers such as hoyers, gait belts, respiratory equipment, etc. The operations cost is usually lower because there is no machinery involved in the care at the facility. Some facilities provide in house X-ray services, but it is rare. The output stage of a long-term nursing facility consists of making the resident and their family happy, having their best health care interests as their main goal.
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