Developing Awareness of Special Needs - Level 2 Essay

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Developing Awareness Of Special Needs - Level 2 Assignment: Project On A Special Need This is the story of a special education needs child, Shane (factitious name). He is the only child of a couple and was initially considered to be born healthy and without any birth complications. At twenty months, Shane’s parents noticed that his speech was not developing as expected and that he would not generally engage in social manner. Other family members with children also expressed their concern for Shane’s speech development. He was than referred to Speech and Language therapy services and diagnosed with symptoms of delayed speech. At thirty five months Shane’s parents had become increasingly concerned with his lack of development. He was getting full support and attention from his full time mother and also a fair share from his working father. He was still not improving in speech, engaging in social behaviour with parents or even engaging with any other children. He was still in nappies and would not communicate well enough for the parents to be able to potty train him. At this point in time, Shane’s parents became increasingly concerned and anxious for their child’s future development. They arranged for him to be assessed by specialist doctors at the Child Development Centre. The assessment concluded he had delayed Cognitive Development, Social & Emotional Development and Self-Help of an 18 months child. An Educational Psychologist was than requested to review Shane’s case and identify concerns and make recommendations that could benefit his development. The psychologist’s report pointed out that Shane had considerably delayed language, play and social skills as well as self-help skills which all suggested he had learning difficulties and would require Special Educational Needs. He would require high level of support and intervention going forward.

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