Developing a Competitive Advantage Essay

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Developing a competitive advantage for Hometown Deli The Hometown Deli has recently heard rumors that a new deli will possibly be opening its doors nearby which will create competition that we have not had in the past. I will be holding a business meeting with all employees to address this rumor as well as any other issues or concerns and to also address the updates and changes that I will be making to Hometown. Hometown Deli has been operating the same way, without any updating, since its opening in 1952. With the decline in business over the past 5 years and with the threat of competition, I do believe it is time for a face lift. One competitive advantage Hometown has is that it has been the staple deli for the community for so many years. This is something we will continue to build on. I will be utilizing Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model to help with my explanation on how Hometown will gain its competitive advantage. First, we will address the outdated store and the lack of IT within the restaurant. We will be adding new digital registers as well as a wireless ordering system. The waitress can take the order on their digital pads which will automatically send the order to the kitchen. Also, for the full service bakery we will add a take a number system which should help speed up the process. Wi-Fi will also be added and at no cost to all customers. Non-IT changes will include: fresh paint, new decorations and art, new lighting which is proven to enhance the customers dining experience and updated bathrooms. Second, not only do we want to strive to keep our current loyal customers but to add new ones , at the new opening we will offer loyalty cards to the first 300 customers which will be good for free coffee for 1 year. This should help to keep buyer power low. After the first 300 and as a new product we will hand out coffee cards which

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