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Develop Self- Confidence Developing self- confidence is the topic that I chose overall. In this topic Downing explain creating a success identity and that has to with you doing anything you set your mind to because it is possible. We may fail or achieve but at least we tried. Downing also talks about celebrating your talents or success. What Downing mean by that is when you set a goal or a promise to yourself you work on those things and when you accomplish them you may reward yourself with something special. The last thing Downing explains in this topic is visualizing purposeful actions. What he mean by that is when you have a proactive visualization experience doing something, anything it’s like a movie in your mind that makes you have a purposeful action. I can say that I found this topic interesting because I admit that I was once denial on my life and myself. I didn’t have confidence, but as I grew up I found strength and began to develop self- confidence. Growing up I was always told that I wasn’t going to be anything and that I wasn’t anything but a mess up. I believed them, seriously. I was young I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted out of life I was just living day by day. Now that I am mature and wiser, I have my own mind. I can say now I have a success identity, I could do anything I set my mind to, it’s up to me I CAN do it. I can say that I’ve achieved a lot throughout my life it may not be big but it was something. Creating a success identity is when you have that inner guide in your mind, you’re over confidence and the entire inner critic and defender has left out the door. It’s like you’re free, you would just want to fly away because you will have that strength and power. When I was in the fifth grade I’ve realized I had a talent. That talent was writing. I loved to write. I wrote when I was angry or sad. I wrote until the pain

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