Develoopmentallyappropriateessayforstudents 3-5yearolds Essay

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Albertha S. Jones 2335 Kent Avenue North Charleston, SC 29405 Student ID Number: 21858229 Course Title and Number: (Health, Safety and Nutrition for the Young Child, ECE 130) Graded Project Number: (40502600) When selecting Developmentally Appropriate Toys, always remember that “play”, is vital for learning in children. It is equally important that the toys and materials that are used to make them are age apporpriate for the children using them. The age group I chose is children between 1-3 years. I observed them in the morning and through out the day. (Frost, toys I chose is durable and have lasting worth, which can be used inmany different ways and by different ages of children. My Choices of toys were baby dolls and accessories, wooden building blocks, and cars and trucks. These toys are developmentally apporopriate because of the children intrest in role playing with baby dolls and they can imiatate their parents or caregivers on nurturing and caring for a baby. However, with the blocks they can build towers as high as they want andalso take pleasures in taking them down , they may play alone as wel as with others. The cars and trucks are appealing to them because, to the children of this age, anything that moves is very popular. Cars, trucks, diggers,tractors and motorcycles all provide your child with a chance to pretend play and will take these toy to several areas to play with in the room. Americans Academy of Pediatrics: According to NAEYC’S website: Safe toys for young children are well made, no shared parts, or splinters and don’t pinch, painted with non-toxic lead free pain, shatter proof and easily cleaned. (NAEYC citation.) The durability and material of a toy should always be considered. Parents would select these toys because, they are simple to use, they are safe and made of good quality, and most of all they are age

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