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Observation Study on the difference in young boys and girls Who were the investigators, and what was the aim of study? Most experts agree that young girls physically develop quicker than boys do while others think that it depends on many environmental effects. That is, they believe that girls learn to balance more quickly and efficiently while young boys seem to develop that later. The investigator, Kayla Bufe, student at Angelo State University tested the hypothesis. She believed that young boys would ski while young girls fall down more often. Kids in general have the advantage of being flexible, nimble and relatively fearless while skiing. How did the investigator measure the topic of interest? The task was simple: I discreetly watched young boys and girls take on the challenge to learn how to ski. My observation took place at Ski Apache in Ruidoso, New Mexico on March 11-13, 2012. This took place in a naturalistic environment with young boys and girls ranging between ages six and ten. Throughout the observation it seemed that the young boys had a more difficult time staying up on their skis. The little girls usually popped right up and could ski down the easy slopes without any difficulty. Who were the children in the study? I tested 15 6- to 10-year-old boys and girls. What was the design of the study? The study of differences in young boys and girls was a naturalistic observation. The children were observed within a real-life situation as they behave normally. What were the results? After my observation of the young children, I came to a conclusion that young girls have an easier time skiing rather than young boys. Girls seemed to be able to maintain their balance, which helped them ski easily down the slopes around Ski Apache. The young boys had a more difficult time staying balanced on the skis and fell down more often. What did the investigator

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