Case: Detroit Lions Inc Vs. Argovitz

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Banyei Isoh William H. Proctor 10/31/09 Detroit Lions, Inc. v. Argovitz United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, 1984 580 F.Supp. 542, affirmed, 767 F.2d 919 Facts: An agent by the name of Jerry Argovitz represented a football player by the name of Billy Sims. Billy Sims was trying to sign a contract in the NFL with the Detroit Lions. Argovitz who was his agent was also working on a deal with a USFL team called the Houston Gamblers. Argovitz actually owned a stake in the team and had a conflict of interest in getting Argovitz to sign a contract with the Gamblers. Argovitz was falsely informing Sims that the negotiations were not going well. When Houston offered Mr. Sims a contract worth 3.5 million dollars Argovitz told Sims that Detroit would probably match it. However he never formally went to Detroit to receive a final offer. Sims therefore signed the contract with the Houston Gamblers. Sims later on signed a contract with the Detroit Lions and brought an action against Argovitz to nullify the contract that he signed with the Houston Gamblers. Issue: Should the action to invalidate Sims contract with the Houston Gamblers be granted? Holding: Trial Court; Plaintiff wins; Judgment rescinding contract Court of Appeals; Affirmed in part, Remanded in part…show more content…
By him putting his interests above the interests of his client he failed at his duties. Argovitz actions were seen as fraudulent because he did not bring to the table the offers that the Lions were putting forth. Because Sims was unaware of the transactions that were going on, he must be allowed out of the contract. As a result of Argovitz knowing that the Lions would match the offer that the Gamblers put on the table he failed to do his job in reaching out for a final offer. A fraudulent action allows Sims to walk

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