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Deterring Crime There are many reasons for a crime to be committed and the most common reason would be for personal gain. However there are those with personality traits that can cause them to be more apt to commit a crime. One with this types of personality can be attributed to the genes handed down from a parent or another closely related member of their family. The crimes that are committed by those who have a predisposition to crime would be classified as a “trait theory” criminals. Those who commit crimes for personal gain are considered “choice theory” criminals. The children that are murdering other children and their educators in the schools are usually committing crimes by choice. The may feel they have been singled out and are being made an example by their educators and peers as what not to be like. This type of bullying alienates the child and thus contributes to the possibly already low self-esteem. The children and young adults that set out to “make them pay” are choice theory criminals and the possibility of gene traits may also be present which causes them to act on their feelings more rapidly than those without the traits. Creating safer schools for our young people today should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds and without a doubt the safety measures are in need of a fine tuning. When our teachers, counselor and principal are educated as to what to look for, then the possibility of stopping an assault before it begins would increase sizably. The mayor of a community would have the authority to implement the educating and defensive actions of those educating the children in our schools. Perhaps the teachers, counselor, and principal of each and every school would be required to participate in cases devoted to these theories and the traits they possibly display. The education process would be just the beginning of the requirements to teach

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