Determinism Vs. Freewill

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Determinism vs. Freewill Do we, human beings, have the ability to choose freely? Or are we powerless over what decisions we make in this life? Do we do everything we do out of necessities with no self-control or responsibility? I must refuse the notion that we do not control the choices we make in this life, but many great philosophers came to the conclusion that we don't, these philosophers all reached the conclusion that a person cannot choose freely. This theory is known as Determinism, the idea that all choices are made without freedom due to necessity and desire and is viewed as simply obeying the laws of nature. The Basic Argument for Determinism states three premises and two conclusions. The first premise is that if a person cannot make choices other then choices they will make they cannot choose freely, this is known as the Principle of Alternative Possibilities. The second premise is if determinism is true than a person can't make choices other than the choices they have made. One theory to explain this particular part is known as the Law of Nature and Desires, according to which once a desire has reached a certain level of intensity its objective must be met. So if I were to be craving a coke and I bought one, it would not have been my choice to make the purchase, but my desire for coke making the choice. Therefore, the third premise, if determinism is true leads to the two conclusions: a person cannot make choices other than those that they do make and a person cannot make their own choices freely. From what I understand, according to determinism we cannot make free choices because we cannot control our desires. Free will is bullshit because man does not have willpower, no real sense of responsibility, no self-control. When discussing free will there are six philosophies that need to be taken into account. The first of these is Hard

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