Determine Molarity And Concentration Fo Acetic Aci Essay

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1. Prepare 150 mL of .6 M of a sodium hydroxide solution from solid NaOH. Record your calculations in your Lab Report. 2. Add 1.5 grams of potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) to a 250-beaker. Record the exact mass of the sample in the Lab Report, three sig figs. Also add distilled water to the beaker to dissolve the KHP. Record the volume of water used to distill the solution to three sig figs. 3. Stir the solution. Add enough distilled water to the beaker to ensure that the cut-out notch on the tip of the pH electrode is submerged in the solution. 4. Step up the MeasureNet drop counter. 5. Rinse a 50-mL buret with distilled water after you rinse the tip. Close the buret stopcock. Add 3-4 mL of NaOH solution to the buret. Again rinse the buret with NaOH solution by tilting the buret on its side and twirling it. Drain the NaOH solution through the tip of the buret. Discard the NaOH into the laboratory sing. Flush the sink with copious amounts of water. 6. Close the buret stopcock. Fill the buret with 50.00mL of NaOH solution. Check the tip for air bubbles. To remove bubbles, open the stopcock and quickly drain 2-3 mL of NaOH from the buret. 7. Set up the MeasureNet workstation to record a pH versus volume of NaOH added scan. 8. Press the On/Off button to turn on the MeasureNet workstation. 9. Press Main Menu, then press F3 pH/mV, then press F2 ;H v. Volume 10. Press Calibrate. Measure the temperature of the pH 7.00 buffer solution, enter the temperature at the work station, and then press enter. 11. Enter 7.00 when asked for the pH of the buffer, and then press Enter. When the displayed pH value stabilizes press enter. It should be close to 7.00. Press F1 if a 1 point calibration of the pH meter is to be performed. Use the pH 7.00 buffer only. Proceed to step 13. If a 2-point calibration is to be sued, proceed to step 12. 12. Enter the pH of the second

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