Determination of Ksp Essay

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Excelleration Mohammad Hussain Chem 101 section 1343 09/09/13 Purpose The purpose of this lab is to get acquainted using excel to graph and also to extrapolate statistical information about the data Procedure To create a graph in Excel 2013 1. I created new excel spreadsheet 2. I entered the x data in the first column 3. I entered the y data in the next columns 4. I highlighted both columns 5. I selected scatter graph with smooth lines from the insert tab 6. From the “plus sign” attached to the top right of the graph, I checked the boxes for chart title, axis labels, gridlines and trendline. I labeled the chart, axis, checked off all major/minor horizontal/vertical gridlines and selected “show equation on chart” respectively. To find slope 1. I selected a new cell and typed “=slope” 2. I typed “(“ 3. I highlighted the y column 4. I typed “,” 5. I highlighted the x column 6. I typed “)” 7. I pressed enter To get the y-intercept 1. I selected a new cell 2. I went to FORMULAS > More function > Statistical and selected “INTERCEPT” 3. In the “Function Arguments” window that pops up, I clicked on the corresponding fields and then selected the y and x columns. 4. I clicked “okay” Results Observations It is a whole lot easier and accurate to use excel rather than graph by hand. I have used excel in the past and there are quite a few differences with this new version. So I am glad that I was forced to take advantage of this

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