Determination Essay

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Without determination our goals would be almost impossible to reach. Lance Armstrong won the tour of France seven times after beating cancer. In the same way, Briony Tallis overcame obstacles in order to reach her objective of becoming a nurse. Similarly to them ,I had to struggle to be where I am now, and I am working hard to become what I used and what I love to be in my home country, a psychologist. All these experiences demonstrate that determination was a key in the pursuit our dreams. Lance Armstrong is a clear example of determination. He is diagnosed with cancer in 1996. Most people would have just renounced their dreams, but not Armstrong. What he does instead, is to take this bad experience to push himself to become stronger. His determination facilitates him to be the only person to win seven times the Tour of France. He becomes the idol of many people because he exhibited what determination can reach, and those obstacles that seem insurmountable are achievable if we want. Briony Tallis illustrates also the importance of determination in our lives. Briony’s milieu is not easy at all. She is in a hospital during the Second World War surrounded by sick and hurt people. In addition, her fellow workers are depressed because of their homesickness. Briony is so determinated to gain her independency by being a nurse she ignores her dissatisfaction and stays focused on her goal. She studies in her off time; she does not write emotional letters. Many of us in a situation similar to that would probably return home to the side of our caring parents; however, she does not. With determination she choose to stay on her path. In my case without determination I would probably not be writing this assignment. I am psychologist in Colombia, and I am proud of it as I was also determinated to reach that dream. However, my life changes one day and I had to emigrate

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