Determination Essay

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The situation of my twenty year old cousin Alex has always been an important topic of conversation in my family. My cousin was born in Mexico, and approximately a year after his birth my aunt and uncle illegally crossed the border into the United States. As a result, my cousin is also an illegal immigrant and lacks necessary documentation to become a legal resident. Even though my cousin was born in Mexico, he also considers himself an American because the life he has lived has been consumed by American traditions. My family is also very connected to our Mexican heritage, but there is no denying that our, meaning the first generation of children born in the United States, mentalities have assimilated to a combination of American and Mexican views. My cousin worked very hard and was extremely diligent in school, earning “A’s” in all his classes and finishing in the top ten of his graduating high school class. My cousin naturally applied to a number of four year private and public universities, and he was accepted in the majority of them. When it came time to register, though, he was denied because he was not a legal resident. My family felt the situation was completely unfair after my cousin had placed such tremendous effort in his education thus far. We, as Mexicans, understand that it is not entirely correct that we consistently cross the border illegally , but we justify our illegal actions through the difficulties our relatives and friends face in the corrupt and poor country of Mexico. I am fortunate to be an American citizen, holding dual citizenship of the United States and Mexico. For me there are immense opportunities for a higher education that I am excited to strive toward. Even though my cousin could not attend a four year university, he did not give up on his hopes for a higher education. He is currently enrolled in his local

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