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Determination Essay

  • Submitted by: laneface13
  • on October 28, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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“Boom,” the books hit the top of the table I have seen so many times before. I have always dreaded homework and studying, but I am determined to not fail, as many in my family have. My determination is evident in sports and school. Determination is a good thing in my life but it also causes me to have pressures that others don’t have.
    My determination is fueled by the fear of failure, like so many of my family members. Of all my family members, I mostly don’t want to be like my father who is a disgrace. He lived with his parents when he was 30 years old, still needs financial support from his parents to this day, and is a severe alcoholic; his brother won’t even let him around his children without permission. Worse of all, he doesn’t seem to have learned anything in 25 years. Another one in my family I don’t want to be like is my brother Ryan. He used drugs, blew off school, couldn’t hold a job, and let my mom down many times. He is in prison right now. These are two of many examples that have caused me to hate failing and become very determined to do well in school and sports.
    Ever since I began to understand that doing well in school played a significant role in doing well in the future, I have been striving to do the best I can. There were many times I would struggle with a certain problem but “I hung in there” like my grandpa says, no matter how long it took to get the problem right. My determination soon carried over to sports. I wasn’t very good at many sports but I kept trying different ones until I found the one that was the best for me. That was football. In a lot of ways it was like when Siddhartha who left home to join the Samanas. Then he left to go follow Gotoma’s teachings. Then he went to the city to become a merchant, and eventually left to go to the ferryman. He soon discovered that the ferryman was the right one he was looking for. Siddhartha and I hit many dead ends, but we were determined to find what we were looking for no matter...

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