Deterioration of religion Essay

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The decline in religious Faith in the Canadian Society. Sociology. 2008-05-09. In many societies there are ways to instil rules and accomplish order. Religion is one method used instil morals and adhere to the rules and laws. When referring to the 16th to the 18th centuries in Europe, religion was one of the main methods used by the church and the monarchs to rule the country. With time, the religious systems deteriorated due to different beliefs and the need for freedom, democracy and reason. This point in history was marked as the Enlightenment Era. Enlightenment era was the age of reasoning rather than beliefs and the age of questioning traditional institutions, morals and customs. Today, in Canada religion takes a much smaller portion in social system, whereas in the past the social system of the British and Europeans in general were based on religion. Deterioration of religion may be caused by loss of faith due to advances in science, freedom, and weakening of religious structures. Advancement in evolutionary science has opposed the biblical creation of the universe in many ways. The conflict between science and religion concerning the creation of the universe and everything has long been documented. As stated in Genesis 1:1 NIV, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" for example, god made the “heaven and earth” in one day (Wayne, 2002). Today, scientists believe that this great event took place over 15 billion years (Wayne, 2002). This example demonstrates only one conflict between religion and science. With the progression of science occurring today, more people are beginning to abandon the biblical and the religious explanations, and tend toward the science discoveries. In Canada today, less people every year are identifying themselves as religiously affiliated to a particular faith, and the number of
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