Destruction of Native American Societies

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Before the Europeans colonized the Americas, there were people that lived on the land. The Native Americans that inhabited these lands were not warned of the Europeans’ arrival, nor did they know that there were civilizations past the rocky shores of the Americas. To the colonists, the Americas were undiscovered lands that they intended to call their own. However, the Native Americans proved to be an obstacle in their plan. The Europeans looked down on the Native Americans and referred to them as “savages” because their society did not match their own. The many different Native American tribes had their disagreements; however they all could agree that the arrival of the Europeans lead to the destruction of their people and cultures. In this essay, I will discuss the arrival of the three major European powers (England, France, and Spain), their different ways in colonizing, and how the conquering of the Americas destroyed Native American societies. I will use evidence from the textbooks, Indians in American History edited by Frederick Hoxie and The World Turned Upside Down edited by Colin Calloway to support my argument. The Natives in America possessed all of the aspects that human beings all over the world incorporated into their societies. They had social structures, trade routes and relationships between various Native groups. Also, they were not a cluster of “savages” waiting to be discovered by Europeans who would come to claim the land they have lived on for thousands of years (from A World of Changes, Calloway, 1). Upon their arrival on the continent that was often tagged as “The New World”, the three prevalent European countries that established colonies in North America (England, France and Spain) each took fundamentally different approaches to establishing their colonies and forming relationships with the native inhabitants. There were many reasons for
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