Destruction Of Education In Canada Essay

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Education Destruction Canada has more than 350 schools, diplomas and certificates are recognized worldwide. The country ranks second in the world for the quality of education. Canadian universities are inferior to just a few British and American universities in prestige and are in the top twenty in the world rankingsю Nowdays, Canada become one of the most popular countries for international students that completely changed the goal of educational institutions in this country. Universities want to get more money from international students that led to the obvious consequences destruction in the education field. Education for International students completely challenged since it began develop. The number of foreign students that coming to Canada is increasing every year, last year the government adopted more than 100.000 students from different countries. People think that Canadian education is becoming much better, because ESAL courses really developed since it was the first experiment. However, the presence of foreign students has led to the destruction of educational institutions. The first reason for the deterioration of the educational system is that students cannot focus on important subjects. Despite significant improvements in teaching foreign students, there is an important gap in the preparation of schedule and quantity of subjects for…show more content…
Despite the fact that Canada ranks second in the world for the quality of education, we can argue that it also have opposite effects. Each letter grade is assigned a value which is called the Grade Point. The Grade Point Average is an average of the grade points of the courses you have taken. Nowdays, students are able to get higher GPA, because they can take elective subjects that are easy to take

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