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Destroying Avalon Extended Response Destroying Avalon is a hard-boiled perspective at how a teenager can suffer such immense bullying and having it go to someone else. The story unravels when Avalon, a 14 year old girl moves from a country town to a large and vast city. On her first day of high school, which is every new person’s nightmare, she finds herself already formed enemies. Before transferring from her country town to this urban city, she quotes “Being fourteen is hard, but it’s even harder when your parents uproot you from a cosy little country town to a huge urban high school.” Stating that she was never eager to move. As soon as her week finishes, Avalon is inundated with lewd text messages. She later learns of a blogging website where people post their opinions on people in the school using aliases and taking an anonymous name. Caleb, who is her lab partner is a nice and good looking guy, he is mentioned throughout the book as he helps Avalon and defends her. Caleb was in Group C, Group A consisted of Alice and her friends, Group B had Mitchell, Jeremy, Chris and Tyson, and Group Z was Avalon and her friends. People being labelled in groups is so inhumane. This book takes us on a journey on how a simple act of cruelty can be taken to a whole new level. This book also contains many uses of euphemism, this is mainly used by the Alice, who was the first person to ever subject Avalon to bullying. As the weeks commence, Avalon is assaulted by these obscene text messages, emails, blog posts etc. Avalon’s attitude to the bullying and cyber-bullying was not very delightful nor helpful. One example is when Avalon received a text saying “FILTHY SLAG WATCH OUT” also, another quote word for word is “The words screamed at me from the screen. The sight of them hurt my ears. It was all I could hear.” Avalon had been taken by surprise with this text

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