Destiny In Gilamesh And Lliad

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Andrew Calixte Destiny in Gilamesh and the Iliad In the story, The Iliad we also know that great rulers and gods ruled and where top priority of the lands. Point being it can be argued that the story of Gilagamesh and the Iliad has the same terms of the wars and the way's of life. both of the story's complete to meaningful death. In the story of Gilamesh, it is important to look careful what happened in the story; that is , look at it as if what people did in real life came true or ever existed in life. The questions raised by a character's actions discuss the shows us of their consequences. But it's not to consider how the story is put together but how it uses different beginnings and endings of describing the characters and storytelling. It wants to show us our sense to the real world. The real world is the world without anybody really watching us. The Iliad and Gilgamesh story's is greatly a reminder of the way life is today.Gilgamesh is a hero blessed with beauty, courage, and more skill then all the rest of the character's. His desires, attributes, and accomplishments stand far past our own. The story begins with the coming of Enkidu. As a young man and a god Gilgamesh has no compassion with the people of Uruk. “He's their king but not their shepherd; he kills their sons and rapes the daughters”. Hearing the people’s cry, the gods create Enkidu as a match for Gilgamesh. The plan works in several ways. First Enkidu prevents Gilgamesh from entering the house of a bride and bridegroom; they fight and then become friends. Secondly, Enkudu and Gilgamesh go out on a journey into the forest to confront the terrible Humbaba. There they help each other to face death in a brave courageous way: “All living creatures born of the flesh shall sit at least in the boat of the west/ and when it sinks/when the boat of Magilum sinks/ they are gone but we shall go forward

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