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Despite The Negativities; Horror Films Essay

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  • on August 25, 2011
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It’s dark and shadowed passage. A girl runs as hard as she can. She is obviously heading to dead-end. In few seconds, a sudden shriek pierces through the dim screen.   Blood splatters.   These are the ingredients of horror movies.
I love watching movies. Actions, Dramas, Comedies, Sci-fis, you name it. But this particular genre of movie, I would refuse to watch even if someone gives me a free admission, is a horror film. In fact, I can’t stand seeing blood anywhere in the screen and there are many people who are uncomfortable to even find horrible titles on the schedule display board, questioning the necessity of horror films. Many critics and articles are written concerning how it could give negative effects on children. However, despite of my personal taste and social views, horror films are still necessary and furthermore, they naturally are a healthy entertainment; they are just highly-advanced extensions of entertaining stories, what was passed on mouth-to-mouth since ancient Greek, they usually are cautionary tales and there are studies suggest that watching horror movie could be an enjoyable experience, all by nature.  
There are people who see horror films as a product of society in decay, to satisfy need for violence. This theory bears some ‘scrutiny’ but really in the end, it doesn’t hold much weight. Even the earliest societies like Greeks have their own monsters or stories of gods in which men and beasts commit unspeakable horrors. If you think ‘Hannibal’ is a nightmarish story, have you tried reading the ‘House of Atreus’ in Greek mythology, which refers some horrific instances of cannibalism? Even though I was a mania of Greek gods and Rome mythologies, I never could finish reading certain chapters which were just too much for a little kid. Psychologist, Carl Jung called these early stories are cautionary tales featured with a wrathful revenge for those who ventured outside normal social-boundaries (Barneson).
There is something to the cautionary...

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