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Desktop Computers and Laptops Essay

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Desktop Computers and Laptops
Today many people depend on computers as their primary source for information, communication, work, and even gaming. Generally, computers are found almost everywhere, and there are two common types of computers; desktop computers and laptop computers (also known as notebook computers). Even though both may have several similarities but when it comes to the main functions both types do. It is not entirely the case when it comes to further evaluation of both the laptop computer and the desktop computer. There are several variations when it comes to further analysis of both types of computers. I will be discussing   some of those variations that would perhaps be of usefulness to the reader.
To start off with, let's discuss desktop computers first. Physically a desktop computer is usually a reasonably large piece of machinery and consists of a few parts that are vital to run the whole system. As the name implies, "desktop" computers are purposed to be placed on top of desks or perhaps on top of any convenient flat surface. While placed on the desk, there are four vital parts that should and must be connected, the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the display monitor, the keyboard, and finally the mouse. Should any of these parts be broken, the computer renders useless and will not work which could be disadvantageous. Considering the parts being separate, it is perhaps an advantage if we consider that they can separately be configured, modified or even replaced. Thus, should a problem occur in any part, it can separately be fixed, hence costing less than fixing the whole system all together. Furthermore, desktop computers have a wide variety of modifications that you could add, such as adding/replacing graphic cards, increasing RAM (Random Access Memory), etc.
Having briefly mentioned desktops, let's move on to laptop computers. Laptops are generally used in the same way desktop computers are, however physically a laptop computer is...

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