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Desiree’s Baby In the short story Desiree’s baby, there wasn’t only just a gender problem involved, but also there was a huge racial problem. It involved a woman named Desiree, who dealt with too much with her husband who is very racist at times and is very gender biased towards a lot of things. For example, how Armand is toward his wife is his only a way of showing that he is the dominant one and that she has to agree with everything he says. This was continuously happening in this story that readers just didn’t understand how Desiree could deal with that in her life. Desiree had to deal with too much in her marriage. Desiree is married to Armand Aubigny and they fell in love when they first laid eyes on each other. They have a baby and then everything changes. Armand is a very stern man and he is one that thinks that males dominate and women shall just listen to everything they say. As a husband, Armand clearly is the male head of the house. So when something went wrong with Armand, Desiree easily knew about it without even a word spoken. “When he frowned, she trembled. When he smiled, she asked no greater blessing of God” (243). He has occasional days where everything is fine and he is happy with the baby, but then there are other times where he wanted nothing to do with the baby. As Desiree observes, “Armand is the proudest father in the parish, I believe, chiefly because it is a boy, to bear his name; though he says not,—that he would have loved a girl as well. But I know it isn't true” (243). In other words, Armand judges the worth of the child according to its gender. Having a male meant that the proud Aubigny name and aristocratic heritage would endure, perhaps for many generations. That was just how Armand’s mind works. He needed a boy to be born otherwise he would have been furious to see that his name may not endure the same, as a male would have.

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