Designing Test Rationale Essay

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1.0 Introduction In this essay, the rationale behind the development of the test will be discussed in detail. The rationale will be divided into four sections which are reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. 2.0 Reading The objective of the reading section of the test is to test students’ ability to transfer information according to what is required from the question, the ability to identify specific information and also to enhance their skimming and scanning skills. This section incorporate selected response task. According to Douglas (2010, p.51), multiple choice questions (MCQ) is included in the selected response task where students have to select one of the responses to answer questions. The reason why we have chosen the selected response tasks is because it allows the test taker to demonstrate fine distinction in comprehension of content (Douglas, 2010, p.50). By using this type of test task, we can see whether students understand the text or not. We think that using the selected response task is relevant in reading section because the purpose of this test is focussed and distinctive which is to read, understand and answer. In this section, students are required to do heavy inferencing. The selected response task would be an effective way to test students’ inferencing skill. This is because in this format students will encounter a number of possible answers that can be the distractors for them to choose the right answer. In order to find the correct answer students can use the distractors to stimulate their critical thinking. The use of selected response task is also recommended by Douglas (2010, p.51) who mentions that selected response id useful to assess subtle aspect of language knowledge such as inferencing ability. 3.0 Vocabulary The objective in this section is to test students’ understanding and ability in recognising the vocabulary

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