Designing Interactive Systems For Users With Down Essay

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Designing Interactive Systems For Users With Down Submitted by marcabuda on May 18, 2011 • Category: Science And Technology • Words: 489 | Pages: 2 • Views: 117 • Report this Essay Designing Interactive Systems for Users with Down Syndrome 1. Introduction Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder made by the existence of all/part of an extra 21st chromosome, this chromosomal excess affects a person’s physical and cognitive development. The design of interactive systems for users with DS is important as they can help improve the necessary skills, knowledge, and condition of DS users. And also maintain their reading, writing, and communication skills which are likely to be affected by the increased isolation that DS users normally experience when they transition from teen – adulthood. 2. About Down Syndrome Many of the problems that hinder the general public would also apply to the DS community. There’s a bit of work/research done out there about designing interactive systems for DS users. But by starting now and investing resources now; thus work can serve as a foundation for future improved DS applications. Therefore research is going to You must Login to view the entire essay. If you are not a member yet, Sign Up for free! be of outmost importance as these get more intelligent, they are going to get more complicated. Meaning more sophisticated applications are going to be needed to support this. These interactive tools include rich media and the internet as a teaching tool. The engagement of DS users in all facets of the DEV life cycle is very critical to the success of the DEV of interactive systems for DS users. As this makes sure that the content chosen for the application would be compelling for DS users and also let researchers and developers learn about DS users interests and
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