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Bryan Asencio Ms. Mendoza English 101 #1302 October 13, 2012 Designer Babies Response In “Designer Babies” by Michael J. Sandel, Sandel makes many good points on genetic engineering, or eugenics. One really good point he made was that parents are using eugenics to give their children an advantage or competitive edge in life which he believed was morally okay. He supported this by saying that we praise parents who help better their children by taking them to music classes, putting them in sports, helping with homework so why shouldn't it be the same for parents who try to help their kids by giving them good genes by using eugenics (Sandel, 789). He counters that point with a point that I find the is the most convincing which is when he says that the thing that is wrong with eugenics is not only the coercion but also that it is basically trying to control or manipulate the genetics of our next generation (Sandel, 789). I completely agree with Sandel, trying to control what a whole generation looks like or what skills or attributes they have is wrong because it would be basically mass producing human to meet a certain criteria which is morally wrong. Sandel’s examples are very effective on making his point clear he shows both sides of the issue which really helps in proving his point, which is also helped by his consistent use or his example of eugenics being morally wrong. In Sandel’s conclusion he relates to the rest of his points by concluding his essay by saying that the use of eugenics is wrong because it is controlling genetics of humans and making human fit the world around them instead of the other way around and it inhibits the impulse for political and social improvement (Sandel,792). Overall I agree that messing with the eugenics of humans or trying to manipulate human natures is completely and morally

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