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WEEK ONE Font- Any of numerous sets of graphical representations of characters that can be installed on a computer, printer, or another graphic output device. Paragraph- It begins where you start typing, and it ends where you press [ENTER]. Styles- It is a set of formatting characteristics, such as font name, size, color, paragraph alignment and spacing. Some styles even include borders and shading. Insert- Type using the Insert mode to insert text in the existing document. Themes- A set of unified design elements that provides a look for your document by using color, fonts, and graphics. Column- the vertical divisions of a worksheet that are identified by letters. Row- the horizontal division of a worksheet that are identified by numbers. Data cell- each rectangular box is referred to as a cell. Data entered into an Excel spreadsheet is entered into a cell. Each cell can hold only one piece of data at a time. Coordinate- tells where a cell is located Formulas- cell entries that instruct Excel to perform a calculation. WEEK TWO Transition- The on-screen effects as one slide changes to the next one during a PowerPoint presentation. Animation- The commands that add movement to individual objects on a slide. Slide- the format used in power point for presentation Play - plays the presentation without pausing Layout- it provides different arrangements of text and other elements on the slide. File Type- it provides different ways to sort files Keywords- it allows you to search file using specific keywords Color profile- a way of sorting items base on color scheme Metadata- It is a term for the descriptive information embedded inside an image or other type of file Export- it allows you to export file to another location from bridge WEEK THREE Toolbar- where all the tools are kept Application bar- it

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