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Design task: Designing an artistic photo exhibition hall, entitled “cameras and image”, in the National Art Museum in Chisinau. In the artistic design of the given interior space, we follow three basic problems: 1. Functional - providing trails for viewing the exhibition by creating a functional compositional structure, using mobile panels, ensuring a proper illumination for the exhibition’s purpose. 2. Aesthetic - creating an expressive space, that will captivate and attract the visitor's attention on the works and important areas of the hall. 3. Economic - determining an optimal choice in terms of costs. A key goal was the progressive transformation of aesthetics and beauty into functionality, taking into account the structure, material and support system features, for the consistency of form, function and structure is required to give authenticity to the building. Analysis plan: The plan is rectangular, divided into two large areas: lobby with two side staircases and a large exhibition hall. The section, the interior takes the archetypal triangular form, being an attic. Addressing space: The planimetric composition results from the function and purpose of the space, therefore, the interior area will be divided into several parts: for photos of various genres, arranged as well after the color criterion: classic black and white photo, in sepia and color. The compositional structure of the space in the conducted project is closely related to the axes of the supporting structure of the roof attic . The entire structure is based on the repetition of shapes (in such a way becoming the repetitive module), of a geometric figure. Thus, the intentional resumption of the element in the interior consistently created a rhythm. The shapes molded in interior (the metal casings and panels) are some stylized pieces of the photo camera. An important factor

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