Design and Development of Cleaning System Essay

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International Journal of Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence, ISSN: 2321-404X Volume- 1, Issue- 1 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF CLEANING SYSTEM 1 SAHIL BHARTI, 2S.R.SADHAVE, 3H.RAMKUMAR, 4S.ISHWARYA LAKSHMI 5 G.MURALIDHARAN 1,2,3,4 B.E.Production Technology Anna University, 5Head of Mechatronics Department, Anna University, MIT Email:,,,, Abstract— Cleaning has been a very necessary and unavoidable daily routine. It becomes even more important when we have to perform it in areas which are not so easy in reach, Ex. High rise buildings with glass windows. In such cases conventionally a human worker has to hang several feet above the ground with not so reliable supports and safety systems, with always a risk of some uncertain failure and hazardous consequences, which may prove fatal. So it necessitates the need of some safer and efficient cleaning system, which could provide cleaning, both on ground as well as on vertical surfaces, with a control from much larger distance. So here we propose a simple but effective cleaning setup with promising outputs addressing to the above stimulating cause. Keywords—cleaning, effective, hazardous, stimulating I. INTRODUCTION To develop an automated cleaning assistance this helps in cleaning flat surface with the ease of remote control with greater efficiency at work. This is solely aimed to replace the men at work to “no man at work.”The surface cleaning machine that is proposed in this project is the device that helps in cleaning of surfaces and vertical walls. The automatic surface/Window (anti-gravity) cleaning system has an advantage of providing efficient surface/window cleaning which can be performed semi-manned or fully automated. Here we considered semi-manned cleaning platform, where the

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