Design a Perfpramce Research Essay

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Now its your turn. This is a chance for you to apply your new understanding of methods to a communication problem. What method makes most sense to you (of the five methods that start on page 109) and why? What does this method help you understand about communication? How would you use this method to learn more about communication? (to answer this you will want to find an example of a communication event and explain how you would design a study) ***-----+ Have fun! The research methods discussed in our text provides control and organization. Communication is the study of human behavior; therefore, very complicated and complex. There were a couple methods that were familiar, such as survey research, experimental research and I was not as familiar with Ethnographic research, performance research and rhetorical criticism. Instead of going with what I know or comfortable with for an example of a communication event, I decided to investigate into performance research. I wanted to think outside the box and not just go with an example that immediately came to mind such as football, comedy or music performances. Therefore, I would like to design a research study around the performance and ritual of meditation. As the text points out regarding performance research, “we take part in rituals, ceremonies, or religious rights” (p. 127). These activities allow us to to explore parts of ourselves and express feelings that we never knew existed. I became intrigued as life is about the exploring the journey and discovering new experiences and emotions. This research study is definitely a little different and unique, but I do see it qualifies as a ritual. This ritual that can be done individually or in a group setting. The first step in this method is selecting and identifying. The purpose of this research is to gain more insight and meaning to these

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