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Q. What is artificial intelligence? Q. Yes, but what is intelligence? Q. Isn’t there a solid definition of intelligence that doesn’t depend on relating it to human intelligence? Q. Is intelligence a single thing so that one can ask a yes or no question “Is this machine intelligent or not?”? Q. Isn’t AI about simulating human intelligence? Q. What about IQ? Do computer programs have IQs? Q. What about other comparisons between human and computer intelligence? Q. When did AI research start? Q. Does AI aim to put the human mind into the computer? Q. What is the Turing test? Q. Does AI aim at human-level intelligence? Q. How far is AI from reaching human-level intelligence? When will it happen? Q. Are computers the right kind of machine to be made intelligent? Q. Are computers fast enough to be intelligent? Q. What about parallel machines? Q. What about making a “child machine” that could improve by reading and by learning from experience? Q. Might an AI system be able to bootstrap itself to higher and higher level intelligence by thinking about AI? Q. What about chess? Q. What about Go? Q. Don’t some people say that AI is a bad idea? Q. Aren’t computability theory and computational complexity the keys to AI? [Note to the layman and beginners in computer science: These are quite technical branches of mathematical logic and computer science, and the answer to the question has to be somewhat technical.] Q. What are the branches of AI? Q. What are the applications of AI? Q. How is AI research done? Q. What are the relations between AI and philosophy? Q. How are AI and logic programming related? Q. What should I study before or while learning

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