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Company Profile Desigual is a casual clothing brand that originated from Ibiza, Spain. However, the founder of the company, Thomas Meyer, is from Switzerland. The aim of Desigual is to be inspirational and steer away from convention. Desigual wants its products to be fun, colourful, lively, comfortable and optimistic for anyone that wears them. There are Desigual stores located worldwide (Sportswear International, 2008). Its primary products are apparel while their secondary products are bags and wallets. Its unique selling point is designing clothes accordingly to consumers’ personalities together with vibrant colours to portray the lively and fun culture of Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona (Desigual English Company Profile, 2011). Desigual has made collaborations with people such as Christian Lacroix, a French fashion designer. (Telegraph Media Group Limited, 2010). The company has also signed a worldwide partnership with Cirque du Soleil to develop a clothing and accessories collection named Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil (Cirque De Soleil, 2011). Desigual has also launched with campaigns such as "Come in undressed and go out dressed" (Associated Newspapers Ltd, n.d.). Desigual’s strengths lies in producing unique custom made clothes, as well as in their capable logistic service with the technology that provides quick response for the company (Desigual English Company Profile, 2011, pg16). Another of Desigual’s strength would be how it socially communicates with its consumers through A&P strategies like campaigns and new media. Desigual’s weaknesses lies in its high cost which results in customers not purchasing products in a regular basis (In the report 15 reviews for Desigual, 2011). Besides that, Desigual has a weakness in having a limited range of accessories and a lack of durability in its clothes such as having loose threads and

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