Desicion Making Essay

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Decision is one of the most important parts in Flying; it requires you to make continuous decisions from an event. Sometimes previous one decision influence the next one and one decision after another. For example: how much fuel we need for this flight, where we can find the correct fuel type, and where is the nearest airport etc. These kinds of decisions are the very basic situation, however, there still are advanced decisions that pilot should make, such as night flights, turbulent or bad weather challenges. Either basic or advanced decision, every pilot will have to make decisions about fuel, weather or passenger well being in his or her flying career. Decision errors represents intentional behavior that progresses as intended, but the plan proves inadequate or inappropriate for the situation. It means decision errors are often referred to an “implying mistakes”, the unsafe actions represent the actions or inactions of individuals who thought their decisions are right. However, they may either did not have the appropriate knowledge or they chose the one which is poor. From this case, the report shows that the National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident was the pilots’ failure to ensure the airplane was loaded within weight-and-balance limits and their attempt to take off with the center of gravity well for- ward of the forward takeoff limit, which prevented the airplane from rotating at the intended rotation speed. It is the Procedural decision errors since the misdiagnosed weight-and -balance is the rule-based mistakes which pilot should well knowing their limit weight for the flight or the weight of balancing the flight. Over the professional training, the pilot must be familiar or knowledgeable in the effect of weight on the performance of the particular airplane being flown. The table below shows the calculated and

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