Deserving Heart Essay

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A Deserving Heart As I thought back and forth on this decision, I questioned to myself the following: What consequences will this action bring? What are the costs of the action? What are the benefits of the action? Lastly, which course of action will benefit the most people? Then I came to the conclusion that my first choice would go directly to Lisa. Though Lisa has been struggling with illness are her life at the age of twelve she hasn’t really experienced it to the fullness that she possibly could. She is the youngest of the three patients which initially brought me to my decision. I say this because unlike the other two patients who are above the age of thirty, Lisa hasn’t had much time to live or enjoy life. Lisa is not only a precious young girl who has been fighting for her life with sickness after sickness. She is also the only child who has been created by her parents and she would be their last. I am saying this family deserve this heart and they deserve to have their child’s life rescued. Lisa’s father Dr. Does is an oncologist at are facility and he will save so many lives and help so many people in need of care while working in his field. It’s only right to give him and his family the respect to do the same for Lisa. Not only does he show how much he adore his only offspring but also how much he would appreciate it and willing give back to help the overall department. Though in this decision there are consequences that could affect this process. With Lisa having this ongoing illness there may be a risk that she still may not live long. Yet there is still a possibly that she very well could make it to see her twenties and maybe even longer. Which in this case gives her the chance to value her days of living and make the best out of the years that she may see. This will also allow her parents to enjoy witnessing the life of their little girl. Being as

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