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Deserted House Essay

  • Submitted by: Insensitive11
  • on October 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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The Deserted House It was a dull Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t find anything entertaining to do, so I decided to take a stroll through the green field next to my aunt’s house where I was spending my summer vacation. The sky was beautiful, the sun was shining and its rays were slightly stinging my sleeveless arms. As I was slowly wandering in the blossoming field, I came across an old deserted house. It was obvious that it has been there from a long time ago. The curiosity I felt was overwhelming, the house was creepy but I couldn’t help not to move forward and take a close look at it. As I approached, I started to notice how the years left their marks on this extraordinary construction. There was a huge hole in the roof and bricks were missing as if an asteroid hit the house. The walls had cracks everywhere resembling to lines drawn by a 5 year old kid. There were two windows, one with broken glass shutters and the other with no shutters at all. I reached a black grayish door that was half open. I was unsure whether I should keep walking or go back but my interest grew bigger. My hands were shaking like falling leaves from a tree, but that didn’t stop me; I pushed the door with all the strength I have. It made a sharp groan to the point I felt it was moaning with pain. When I widely opened the wooden entrance, a wave of dust hit me in the face. After shaking the dirt off, I snooped from behind the door and I stepped inside of the obscure hall. My hunch was telling me to start running back to where I came from, yet the secret of the deserted house was suppressing all the alerts my instincts were giving me. As I was looking around, I noticed that the floor was covered with leaves and debris. I took another step further and a disgusting smell of mold and dank crept into my nose. I looked around; the front wall was half rotten with water damage and the other walls were littered with holes reminding me of the time when I had chicken pox. In each corner, there was a...

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