Desert Island Essay

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Depending upon one's personality, a deserted island could bring to mind the terror of the unknown, the tranquility of an uninhabited paradise, or the adventure that awaits in a wild, forgotten corner of the world. Being a lover of both peace and adventure, my immediate actions would not be those of fear and panic, but activities that would allow me to relax, explore, and eventually find rescue. My first step would be to take stock of my surroundings and to explore the island. \Vl1ile some might immediately hatch a plan for rescue, I would relish the peace and quiet, and enjoy the adventure of exploring a new place far from the heavy hand of civilization. Y/hile sightseeing, I would keep an eye out for sources of food and water, perhaps some fruit trees, or a meandering stream. Regardless of how long or short my visit to the island, it would be comforting to know where to find a nearby source of nourishment. After meeting those immediate needs, I would then begin work on a rescue plan, drawing a "HELP" sign on the sandy beach, or building a signal fire. Though not in a hurry to be whisked back to the hustle and bustle, I would nevertheless want my plan in place, in order to take advantage of any recue opportunity that came my way. I view my sudden exit from the "real world" not as a terrifying disruption, but as a chance to take a break, find a little adventure, and eventually be rescued and make my way back to civilization. Those would be my ultimate goals on a deserted

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