Desensitized America Essay

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Desensitized America In somewhat recent times America has become desensitized to violence and substance abuse. This is often beginning during the adolescent phase of life when socialization is occurring the most. Children are being subjected to violent and drug infused movies, television shows, video games, and even music. Studies do show that children who are exposed to repeated television and video game violence can not only be desensitized to violence, but also are more prone to develop a number of other conditions ranging from aggressive behavior, to sleep disturbances, and increased anxiety. The average American child watches an average of 4 hours of television a day, and 54 percent of children have TV’s in their bedrooms. Children mimic what they see. According to the Media Awareness Network, If children watch violent television shows, they are more likely to respond to a perceived attack with the flight-or fight stimulus ingrained in human nature. Additionally, physical changes occur during the viewing. Blood pressure, respiration and heart rate levels rise. Repeated exposure to television violence actually creates a need for increased stimulation over time. Children can become accustomed to seeing certain acts and if they don’t get the same adrenaline rush regularly, they may turn to more intense programming or real life violence for the same physical response. Studies have shown that kids who watch a steady diet of violent programming have a higher risk of becoming violent in real life as adults. The effects of watching violent television shows have become apparent in a variety of ways. These children who are being desensitized by absorbing these violence based programs tend to lose their empathy toward others. The violence they see on television desensitizes them to real human pain and suffering and they have difficulty differentiating between

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